Student OnLine Support

This Web Site provides online support for Math and Chemistry students. This site is divided into two sections.  The Math section is specifically designed for Students who are enrolled in Mr. Christoff's Math classes at Orange County High School.  The Chemistry section is designed to provide information about specific topics in Chemistry that may be helpful to any student studying Chemistry in high school.

If this is you first time using this site, please read the Introduction and review the topics in the General Site Information table listed below.  If you are already familiar with this site, you can go straight to the section that you want.

General Site Information

General Information about site
Equipment, modem, notebook etc.
Some tips to help navigate this site.
A menu of downloadable programs that you may need in order to access some of the resources of this Web Site.  Links to the download Web Sites are included.

A menu of downloadable programs that illustrate math or chemistry concepts or provide practice problems related to those concepts.

Some information about the instructor.
Lists revisions and dates revisions were made.