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First things First -- The Unfortunate Truth

This web site is only a mechanism of support. It is not a substitute for taking notes in class and studying the textbook.

It is essential that you do the following:

  • Read and study the material assigned in the text book for the course you are taking.
  • Take notes in class and study the notes.
  • Study examples and do the homework assigned.
  • Study and be prepared for tests and quizzes.

As a student, you will find that the following actions on your part will go a long way to help you understand the concepts and materials of the course you are taking.

  • Carefully read the textbook.
  • Give some thoughtful contemplation to the material presented.
  • Make an honest effort to complete the homework correctly.

What you will find on this web site:

  • Explanations of concepts (some from class lectures and some new explanations).
  • Examples of applications from class lectures.
  • Some new examples of applications not given in lectures.
  • Worksheets that have been assigned in class and additional worksheets.
  • Links to other web sites that may have additional information, explanations, or practice worksheets.
  • Suggestions about retail software or links to downloadable programs that may be helpful to understanding or using a concept.

Getting in touch with me.
You may E-mail me with questions at any time.

This concludes the introduction and general information about the JACMathChem web site.
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