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In order to use this web site to its fullest advantage, there are some required materials that you will need, aside from the normally suggested course materials of a notebook, pencil, and a calculator.

Obviously, since this is an online course, you must have access to an Internet Service Provider.

It is suggested that the best access to this course will be to those persons having, at least, the following type of hardware and browser software.

  • 110 MHz PC or Macintosh equivalent.
  • 15 inch Monitor.
  • 28.8-33.6 Kps Modem (56 Kps is highly suggested)
  • Ink-Jet Printer. An ink-jet printer is necessary in order to print some of the materials. If you do not have an ink-jet printer, please contact the instructor for other arrangements.
  • Netscape Navigator 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0 or any newer versions of these browsers. Other Internet browsers such as Opera 5.0 will do as well. See Net Tools to download the latest versions.
  • E-mail. Netscape 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0, Opera 5.0 and more recent versions of these browsers support an E-mail function. 
    If you do not have and E-mail account with an Internet Service Provider, you can of course use Yahoo mail, Hot Mail, or some other free Internet Mail service. See
    Net Tools for more information.

Those students who are using Macintosh computers will not be able to download or run some of the software education programs that are available. However, this should not affect those students overall success in this course providing they follow the advice given at the top of the Introduction page.

You will need the following as well:

  • Word Processing (Word, WordPerfect, etc.) and Spreadsheet Software (Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus, etc) for reports or activities. There are several programs or suites available.
    If you do not have access to any of these types of software you may use the Text Editors that are part of the operating system of your computer -- Windows (Notepad and Wordpad) or Macintosh (Write)
    Of course you may use the
    old standbys of pencil and ruler.
    Some worksheets and reports can be submitted electronically (attachments to E-mail).
    You will not be penalized for submitting hand written materials

  • Several 3.5 diskettes. You may purchase them in packs of 5 or more at WalMart, Office Max, or Office Depot.

  • Printer Paper for printing out worksheets and reports.  For our purposes cheap copy paper is sufficient. Ink-jet paper is too expensive and unnecessary. Start with one ream of paper which contains about 500 sheets. Copy paper is less expensive at Office Max or Office Depot.

  • Black Ink cartridge for your printer. Color printing can be expensive and is not required although occasional use of color for reports is suggested.

If you have any questions about the requirements listed above please call or E-mail the instructor.

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