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Please Read This Web Page Completely and Carefully

There are a number of Links to Downloadable Programs listed in this Web Site. The pages that contain these links are accessed by two different links.

1. Net Tools:

This link is found on the Home Page and in the Blue Link Index Table listed on the leftside of each page.
Net Tools
lists several downloadable programs that the student may
need in order to access some of the resources of this Web Site or to install other downloaded programs. Links to the download Web Sites are included. The programs are free or free trial versions.
More information about these programs is given on the
Net Tools page.

2. Subject Downloads and Programs:

This link is found only in the Links index table on the Left Side Column of each Page of an individual Mathematics Chapter or Chemistry Module Unit. The Subject Downloads and Programs link will take you to a page that has a menu of Software programs that can be downloaded from this site or links to other Web Sites which have the downloadable programs that are relevant to the Mathematics Chapter or Chemistry Module Unit being studied.  When possible, information about a downloadable program (the size of the file, or possible problems with downloading) are given.

Also some Software that can be purchased from local retailers may also be listed.

More detailed and specific information will be given when you access the Subject Downloads and Programs page associated with each Mathematics Chapter or Chemistry Module Unit.

Some Other Important Information About Downloadable Programs

Most of the suggested download programs are Freeware, Shareware Trail Offers, or Commercial Software Trial Offers.  For students with the hardware capability and the technical skills to download and install programs, some of the menu items do contain the caption "Strongly Suggested" which indicates that acquiring and using the program would be beneficial to understanding the material in certain Chapters of the Mathematics Section or Chemistry Module Units.

Sometimes the purchase of certain Retail Mathematics software may be highly recommended to help the student understand a mathematical concept or practice and apply a mathematical skill.  

However, it is important to remember the following:

  • A student is not required to buy a recommended commercial software product.
  • A student is not required nor in any way asked to buy any of the shareware software programs.
  • A student is not required to download any programs especially if the student does not have the technical ability to download and install programs or does not have the necessary hardware capability.

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