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Newer versions of Browsers

Older versions of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, or Opera do not support E-mail. If you are using older versions of these programs, you will not be able to use the E-mail link in this web site.
Of course if you have E-mail through another program (such as Endura or a program provided by your Internet Service Provider) you can contact me using that program. Just copy my E-mail address from this Web Site.

The download links for the browsers are listed below. Aside from the built in availability of E-mail, the newer versions run much faster.

It is not required that you download the new browsers. I have made the links available if you should want to do this. When you reach the Web Sites, just follow the directions to download the browsers.


Download Netscape Communicator

You may download Netscape 6.2 or Communicator 4.7

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