Chemistry Online Support Course

Module # 1

Solutions to Problems
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28-33; 37-41

Overview of Module:

Topics and Concepts :
Check this section for important points and definitions that you will be expected to know.

Example Problems:

This is chapter 2 material. This section contains several examples of problems that you are expected to be able to solve. The problems concern metric unit conversions, density, and Scientific Notation. Be ready to solve word problems.
Examples are related to the Worksheet activities and textbook problems. There are some practice problems with answers.  Most to the examples are in PDF format which can be down loaded and printed.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read and print these files.  See Net Tools to download that program.

Check this section for a additional worksheets or Web Sites that are recommended that you visit.

Assignments Schedule :
Check this section for the assignments that you are required to submit for grading.  A table will list the homework links.  Required worksheets can be downloaded and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Dates for completion will be E-mailed to you.