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So far in chapter 6 we have considered the history and development of the Modern Periodic Table.

In the end the Periodic Table is simply a way to organize information in a concise fashion from which commonly used information can be quickly retrieved.

A quick glance at the Periodic Table can tell us what elements have similar properties, what is the nature or characteristics of certain elements, how elements may be expected to act in chemical reactions and what products or types of products they may mostly likely produce.

However the Standard Periodic Table is not the only way to organize elements into a Table. The picture above can be found in your textbook (page 143). It is a circular arrangement of the elements. Different table arrangements of elements serve different purposes. No matter how weird the arrangement there is always some underlying relationship between elements that groups various elements together.

Other types of Periodic Tables are shown in a Slide Show Presentation. Go to Activities and to view the Slide Presentation.


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